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    Tags not retaining styles on import: XML


      I may be missing something obvious, but I cannot find a single answer online for this.


      I have a large list of tags mapped to the correct style required, and have saved the XML. When I create a new document, I can obviously load the Paragraph/Character styles from a previous document, but when I load the XML file for the tags, they do not retain any mapping to styles, even if the styles are preloaded into the new document beforehand.


      Is this not something that is supported? Or is there somewhere in preferences, or an answer that can allow this? I'm working with a team of people, so being able to load tags with existing mapping into a pre-created document is sorta vital. Otherwise we'd always have to start with a template document and amend the setup/size etc each time, which I'd really like to avoid.





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          MW Design Level 5

          XML is template based in ID.


          If you desire to forego using templates per se, consider exporting tagged text from wherever this data is coming from. If the source export does not have the styles defined in the beginning of the tagged text file you would need to import the styles from another document using the styles referenced in the tagged text.


          ID's tagged text format is rather verbose and obtuse. QuarkXPress' tagged text has a much more readable and flexible format. So any database I am involved with (even Word documents) exports tagged text in Q's style and then I use the tagged text plug-in from Em Software to import it.



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