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    How do I revert changes made on Rules

    lewisl97161395 Level 1


      so we made our first deployment through and everything looks fine.

      Then one user deleted an action and clicked save and we decided that we want to get back or revert the changes that user made to Production state.

      How can we do that?

      Also is there a way to see what the content was so we can re-create the deleted action in case we can't revert back the changes?

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          Gigazelle Adobe Employee

          Kay, chatted with product management on this one, here's what I found:


          • Right now everything is manual, but you can at least see the changes in the Publishing tab
          • Early 2019 you'll be able to click a link to copy the settings from an earlier revision into a new library
          • Later on in 2019 you'll be able to quickly revert to a prior build and publish that without affecting the current library (useful in instances where something catastrophically broke and you need to quickly switch back to an earlier revision).


          Hope this helps!