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    Photos deleted in Lightroom still on my Mac

    Stacy Beck

      I use Lightroom Class CC on my MacBook Pro. I just realized that tons of photos I thought I had deleted from *both* my Lightroom catalog and my Mac are still on my Mac. Possibly, I accidentally clicked "Remove" instead of "Delete from disk" a few times, though it's happened to so many folders that seems unlikely. Any other idea how it might have happened?


      My more important question is: how do I find all of these photos that I thought I had removed from Lightroom and delete them from my Mac, since they are taking up precious storage space? They are mixed in with photos that I have *not* deleted from Lightroom.


      For example, I have the following folder:


      Pictures > 2018 > 2018-01-04


      When I look at this folder in Lightroom, it contains 7 images.


      When I look at this folder using Finder, it contains 142 images.


      How can I quickly find, select and delete the 135 images I don't want?


      Any advice appreciated!!!