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    Removing Headers - No Template


      I inherited a RoboHelp project, orginally developed in X5. The author hard-coded the header information (Name of Book > Topic Title) with no template. I would like to remove the header information and use the Breadcrumbs feature.

      The project has approximately 600 topics, removing the headers individually is time-consuming. How I can globally remove all the headers? I thought about creating a new template, attaching the topics and then remove the header from the template. My concern with this option is loosing the Return to Top functionality, there is a hyperlink in the footer to the top of the page.

      Your assistance is welcomed.
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          MergeThis Level 4
          What do you mean by headers? Something inside the HEAD section, or the TITLE tag, or an H1 tag?

          As to the Return to Top, all that's needed is a link to # (a href="#").

          Although I'm still using X502 myself, others using RH7 have indicated that breadcrumbs simply follow the TOC structure (regardless of headers, I assume). Or, they'll trash me for getting it wrong!

          Good luck,
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            CRO1 Level 1

            Thanks for responding. By Header, I am referring to Header Section of the Topic. HTML code is: placeholder id=header.

            With respect to the Breadcrumbs, I think you are right.
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              CRO1 Level 1

              My topics are in a folder. When I link to link to the # in the template, the link does not work in the topic. Hyperlink properties in the topic are: ..\#

              How can I define a relative path in the template?

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                MergeThis Level 4
                Within a topic, creating a link to a href="#" serves as a "reload" of that topic. The "..\" in the path is counter-productive.

                Good luck,

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                  CRO1 Level 1

                  Very strange, I have been trying to solve this issue. Here is my structure:

                  Folder One - Contains all related topics (e.g.Topic A1)
                  Folder Two - Contains all related topics (e.g. Topic A2)

                  Created a template with the # link and attached to topics A1 and A2
                  At the topic level the hyperlink properties are ..\Folder One\#
                  I modified the properties to #.

                  Topic A1 works; Topic A2 (same template attached) does not work.
                  If I modify A2, the A1 does not work.It seems the be the folder structure, as I have 22 folders, I could create 22 templates - one per folder.

                  RX7 crashes frequently when working with templates.

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi Chris

                    I think you will struggle a bit with this, as RoboHelp is probably trying to be ever so helpful and attempting to calculate a relative path based on the folder.

                    One thing you may wish to consider is creating a small little JavaScript that you can insert. The script would simply perform a "Write in" of the code. Because it would be happening via script, RoboHelp should then leave it as is. I'm not certain of this next part, but you might even notice that RoboHelp stops being irritable when you work with templates. Maybe some of that IBS is stemming from RoboHelp attempting to calculate those paths.

                    Just thinking out loud here... Rick
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                      CRO1 Level 1
                      Hello Rick,

                      I will try the JavaScript approach. Many thanks for your input.

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                        MergeThis Level 4
                        I think I'd try fooling RH by making copies of the template within each folder with sequential identifiers. For example, place header1.htt within Folder 1, place header2.htt (identical to header1.htt) within Folder 2, etc.

                        That way, RH won't try inserting any path at all, since the template will reside in the same folder as the topic you're assigning it to. Remember, all you need is a href="#". After you've followed the previous suggestion, check the TrueCode and see if that's the link path.

                        Good luck,