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    House cleaning ?

    rodneyb56060189 Level 4

      In the old days, before this version of Jive, when someone posted a response the person who last posted was listed. It was kinda nice because you could follow the thread by seeing who was contributing help. Everyone had different opinions about this NEW version, of course, and it has been so many years it really hardly matters anymore.


      EXCEPT, for example, with what appears to be some house cleaning effort ( thank goodness I suppose) on the part of a STAFF member ( KM ) whereupon the first 100 posts in the PPro forum are now effectively a sort of barrage of life buoys thrown into the ocean to save ( and hence clean up the debris ) those posts which for one reason or another have languished over time with a lack of activity.


      It's like, coming back from an Around-The-World trip, KM happened to come by the residual bobbing heads of Titanic victims, and threw out life saving donuts with various shouts of, " AHOY THERE, ARE YOU ALRIGHT ? DO YOU NEED HELP ? CONTACT ADOBE SUPPORT ! TRY A DIFFERENT CODEC, TAKE THE ADVICE OFFERED EARLIER BY OUR EXPERTS !, " etc.


      Let me know when it's over.


      : )