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    Open Captions is at it again!

    steven33965579 Level 1

      I have had countless issues with Open Captions, now a new one. I'm in the middle of a project and then I notice the newest caption is not showing in the timeline. I have had this happen numerous times before but I was able to:

      a) go back and create a new caption butt up against the last one and slide it over.

      b) highlight all captions and make sure they are all the same.


      Now, twice in 12 hours I have had this issue and neither of the options above worked. I was able to fix it the first time by deleting the captions and shutting down Pr for a few minutes and starting over. Now I'm pretty far into the project, I would rather not do this. Plus I don;t have confidence in Pr that it won't happen again.  I have included a picture to show the comparison.


      On Windows 10. I have the latest updated Adobe CC.


      By the way: does anyone know of a email for Adobe? I tried to go on chat once with their tech support and got as far as them verifying my account, the chat disconnected and every time I tried to start another one it would just refer to the chat that was disconnected. Even when I tried another product. I called and was told there was an hour wait...the automation asked if it could call me back when someone was able to talk to me. I selected that and got a call ten minutes later and it placed me on hold for 50 minutes. So, not too confident with those two options. Having wayyyy tooo many issues with Pr. It is very buggy. Their tech support system is just as buggy. I have wasted countless hours with these bugs and about to go somewhere else but I do love the integration of their programs and really wanting to keep it for that reason.

      Open Captions issue.jpg

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have had difficulty replicating some of the problems with captions. But I just had the problem you describe occur. This is in a very small test project with very few captions. Resetting the workspace and various other strategies produced no change. It was occurring and only one of several sequences with captions. Saving, closing Premiere, and reopening help, but only after I made a couple of small changes and then things started working again.


          Changes made appear in the caption panel in the small image to the left, but do not appear in the timeline.


          Changes to caption streams are saved in the project file, in a complicated difficult to read format. It is not clear to me yet whether all changes made are saved even though they don't appear in the timeline, or not.


          The particular sequence I had a problem with was one that I had duplicated from a different SRT file, but that may have had nothing to do with it.


          Adobe does not announce updates before they're actually made, but in another thread, we've been told that there will be one very soon. I believe that we will see fixes to some of the caption problems, but we never know for sure.

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            steven33965579 Level 1

            Hi Stan,


            Thanks for all the investigating you did. I'm glad you were able to see what I'm talking about.


            I did see that thread on the update. I'm sure hoping that it fixes these ongoing issues that I'm having. Like I said, I have spent extra hours working on fixing bug issues with Pr. There have been many.

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              steven33965579 Level 1

              I actually started another Captions file. It is working so far (fingers crossed). I tried this in the past and it didn't work. Who knows.

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


                Please update Premiere Pro. Several bugs related to captions were fixed. Let us know if it is working now.