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    Difference between animated graphics and movie clips

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      What is the difference between the way they behave? When would you use
      one over the other?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          One of the biggest differences (for me) is that instances of MovieClips can have names, but Graphics don't. So that means if you are going to use code to change the visibility or move it around you will need to use a MovieClip.

          The next difference is that a MovieClip's timeline plays independently of the timeline it is on, but a graphics timeline does not. To see this make yourself a nice little MovieClip (or graphic) animation. Something easy like a ball moving across the stage or so. Put that animation on the main timeline and make sure the main timeline has only one frame. When you try it with the animation as a MovieClip it will play, even though there is only one frame on the timeline. That is because the movieclip's timeline plays independent of the timeline it is on.

          Change the clip to a graphic (you can do this with the drop down panel or you can make a whole nother clip, your choice). When you try the same experiment you will see that the graphic doesn't play. That is because it is not independent of the main timeline. If you extend the main timeline a few frames (keep it shorter than the length of your animation) you will see that as a graphic the animation will start to play and then jump back to the start. But a movieclip will just keep playing.

          So any time want something to play regardless of the timeline it is on you will need a MovieClip. Anytime you want something to play in sync with the timeline it is on you will want to use a graphic.

          So for frame/hand drawn animation you will most likey want to use graphics. That way you can keep different parts of the animation in sync.