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    CRUD Coldfusion wizard - can't enter new record

    Vito A Level 1
      I'm using the Flex 3 CRUD Coldfusion wizard to generate the simplest wizard. I've create ONE master/detail page. I have a VERY simple SQL table that maintains "default" setup entries for a website for various years. It has 5 columns & looks like ths:

      C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
      2007 Y Y N Y
      2008 Y N N N

      In the Master page, I select C1 from the table.
      In the Details page, I list ALL the columns (c1-c5) as editable; C1 is required and is a non-auto-generated key.

      When the wizard creates the page I can click on the + (plus sign) which clears the form for me to add a new record, but when I click Save, the record is not inserted into the table. I can edit and delete records fine.

      What am I missing?