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    All files (50,000 pictures) missing from library - LR Classic

    winkworth13 Level 1

      A few days ago there was an error message when I tried to get onto LR.  I can't remember what it said and it no longer comes up, but the options included "repair" so I clicked that. I was in the middle of doing several things and don't remember exactly what happened after I clicked repair.  I think something may have been interfering with LR, and it wanted to reinstall. I never saw anything to indicate LR was removed or uninstalled, but at one point it said it was reinstalling.  I walked away at 5% complete, and when I came back another message said the reinstall failed. Unfortunately I didn't get a copy of that message either - I don't know what the error code was.

      Now when I open LR there is nothing at all in the catalog. 

      I need to get my photos back in the catalog, with my keywords, etc. I hope I can since this is cloud-based. I've been using LR for years, switched to subscription at least a year ago, and haven't had a problem like this before. I have Windows 10, plenty of memory. Getting desperate here, thanks for helping me out.