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    Fuji XH-1 DNG files/Fuji film simulations


      I have Lightroom 6 perpetual version and a new Fuji XH-1. Lightroom cannot read the RAW files so have converted them to DNG but Lightroom now does not display the Fuji Film Simulation profiles ( only Adobe standard profile) as it used to with RAW files from my previous camera. Can anybody explain why I can't use these with DNG files from the Fuji XH -1 please? I can use them with both RAW and DNG files from my previous XT10.


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Because LR 6 does not natively support that camera. Please post a screen shot of the Develop module with the Camera Calibration section open and the Profile drop down showing.


          I get the same thing in LR 5 from Fuji X-T2 files converted to DNG.


          LR need to natively support the camera for the camera specific profiles to show up.

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            davids51487128 Level 1

            Thanks for your quick reply - pretty much what I though although I hoped that using DNG would get round the support issue - confusing Adobe say that using DNG is the way round having the older versions of lightroom

            obviously only partially true!

            haven't bothered with the screenshot as it would only show the Adobe Standard profile plus not sure how to get a picture into this reply.

            At least I can stop trying to work out how to do it and maybe consider a Lightroom alternative