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    Lightroom 5.7


      Hi there,


      I use Lightroom 5.7 and lately it's been crashing a lot while in develop module.  It's crashing, closing and sending reports to Apple...I am thinking I want to just update/purchase the newest software.  Which do I buy - I'm not interested in the cloud aspect but I dunno if I'm looking for 6, 7 or CC and when I do purchase it will I lose all my existing presets??


      Any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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          Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

          If you don't prefer the subscription models from Adobe you can buy the perpetual license of Lightroom 6. But there is no more support from Adobe. This means there's no support for new camera models and objective and no more bugfixes.


          If you choose the subscription, ex. the Photography plan, you get always updates to the newest version. But there's no enforcement to use the Cloud. When you are using Lightroom Classic CC you can work completely on your local machine.


          When you install the new version all presets will transfer into the new Lightroom    

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            Tony_See Adobe Community Professional

            Are your system specs in line with the needs of the application?

            Keep us posted of your success and if you achieved it.