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    Update Style of CharFmt

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      Hi All,


      It is easily possible to change with Pod "Character Designer" a property of a character format.
      For example, in a template file of a FM book, when a character style is selected, the change of one property, e.g. color, could be updated with "Update Style" button when the cursor position is not in a particular paragraph of a body page. Next action will be to either retain or remove overrides.


      With javascript code it is possible to change as well color red of a character format to black.

      var charfmt = doc.GetNamedCharFmt(varcol);

              // var chrfmt = doc.GetNamedObject(Constants.FO_ChrFmt, varcol);

              if (charfmt.ObjectValid() == true)


                                  charfmt.Color = "Black";



      But is it also possible to use a javascript function equivalent to "Update Style, "Retain Overrides" or "Remove Overrrides" buttons?