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    Getting into fan movie trailers and looking for resources

    owiseone61755 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I'm interested in doing some fan trailers for tv shows and movies and was trying to gather some resources to help me with this.  First off, does anyone know a place you get a collection of sound effects that are commonly used in modern trailers?  I'm also curious, does anyone know any interviews or anyone personally who actually makes real movie trailers?  Someone who likes to either blog/vlog/make instructional/philosophic videos about this specific editing craft.  I've been watching a lot of trailers and studying commonalities between genres, and noticing how trends change over the year.  I'm looking for discussion of structure as well as workflow.  I've also noticed that when I try and use dips to black and it's hard to get them to be as smooth as I see in the trailers.  Are there more professional looking free/affordable plugins to get better transitions that standard Premiere Pro.  are "dip to black" and "film dissolve" effects in premiere used by trailer editors(who use premiere) or do they have better looking effects/transitions?


      That's it for now.  Any tips are greatly appreciated.  Thanks, guys.