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    Importing video from Sony A7R III fails. Why?




      after having used Lightroom for a substantial amount of time, I have been running into some serious problems recently:


      When importing files from my Sony A7R III by plugging the SD card into my card reader, Lightroom will fail inconsistently as soon as there are videos an said card. Usually, Lightroom will import 1 or 2 videos files and then simply stop (the progress bar in the top left corner will stay as is for hours, I have even let this run over night) or display an error regarding a failed connection to the "Dynamic Link Media Server", listing some of the video file names.


      I use Windows 10, some fairly generous hardware (i7-8700K, 32 GB of RAM, GTX 1050 Ti) and of course the latest version of Lightroom Classic installed through the official CC application.


      I have already tried deleting the folders for the "Dynamic Link Media Server", as suggested in another thread on a similar topic. And I have done a complete reinstallation of Lightroom, even using the official CC Cleaner provided by Adobe.


      Being unable to import just some files without a clear indication of the error itself and without even being able to tell which files have not been imported is completely unacceptable from the industry standard software catering (not exclusively, and not in my case) to the professional user. I would therefore welcome any help regarding this situation.


      Switching to the cloud-based version of Lightroom is not an option for me.


      Kind regards,