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    Are we being gouged on prices for Adobe Stock Images?

    Gigmonger Level 1

      Bigger businesses can pay $200/month to get 750 images/month.  That's 26 cents each.  And being 26 cents, it's obviously profitable for Adobe at that price, otherwise they would never accept it at that price.  So even though this is profitable for them, Adobe thinks it's acceptable to charge the little guy over 11 times more per image.  This seems rather greedy.


      I pay over $600/yr for software.  That's pretty damn spendy already.  Especially for one guy who doesn't even make a living from it.  It used to be that year over year you would be charged an upgrade fee (and that was only if you wanted to upgrade..  Now it's just the same full price over and over.  Could they at least not rip us off with the stock images?  Some of us were happy with the Dollar Photo Club.  But Adobe just had to work towards dominating the market and ruin that for us, buying the company and then charging 3 times the amount.  Cut us some freakin slack.   Stop being so greedy.  I'm not saying Adobe needs to be 100% reasonable.  And from some of the things I've seen there's no hope of that anyway.  But my hell, at least meet us half way.  Give us some relief.  Our pockets are not as deep as yours.  You know, if Adobe were smart, they would take a very close look at this.  How many of you would actually pay a little more if you got a much better deal?  Think about it.  How many people are paying over $30/month right now for 10 measly images?  And how many of you would happily pay $40/month for 40 images?  It's not going to cost Adobe anything to provide you with 30 extra images that they already have in their possession just waiting for you to download.  For doing absolutely nothing, they can get an extra $10 from each, of how many thousands of people?  That's a 33% increase without having to do anything.  This isn't rocket science.  There really are ways to cater to your customers AND actually come out making more money.  But greed makes it difficult to see the simplicity of it.