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    Library moved: 'The selected folder is already in Lightroom'

    cmscss Level 1

      Hi There,


      I have a new Images drive and copied the entire Lightroom Library folder (images, catalogues, backups etc) to the new drive and opened the catalogue. I then imported some images (to the library on the new drive).


      But on the left, I now see confusing feedback (see attached).




      The new images show on the new drive (ArchiveVolume) but the original library displays a question mark (Home RAID). If I right click and choose 'Find missing image' I see the warning;


      'The selected folder or one of its subfolders is already in Lightroom. Do you want to combine these folders?'







      Can I just remove the question mark library?



      How do I get the old images to show in the new library under ArchiveVolume (only the new 7 images show)?