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    Captivate videos in RH 5

    maniac9999 Level 1
      I have a Captivate video that I want to link to from within a RoboHelp X5.02 topic. It's a software demo of the application for which I've created the help. I can link the video ok, but when it displays in the topic pane it's too small. When I maximize the help window, everything looks great.

      Can I insert a script that would resize the help window upon launching the Captivate video and then resize it back after the video has finished? I guess the alternative would be to include the words "maximumize the help window" as part of the link that displays in the topic.

      Would the resize function be controlled by the application programmers instead, since they are calling the help window in the first place?

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          Ben Minson Level 2
          It sounds like an easier solution would be to fix the size problem of the video. Does it have a fixed width and height? If the width and height specs somehow are percentages, I think that would explain the video looking different when you have different sizes of windows.