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      I've spent my morning trying to get your captions to work then the entire day doing these subtitles, my producer is on her way to watch the film and the captions have disappeared. Solution please. I'm so increasingly unhappy with your software. the frame rate is correct, I had the captions working until right now.

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What type of captions? What specific dot version of premiere?


          Make sure you have backup of the project. Save, close project, reopen. Does that help?

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            cconochalla Level 1

            thank you. it's such a frustrating thing... i updated to the most current

            software of premiere today bc i couldn't get them to work at all with the

            previous. I'm on sierra 10.12. 6


            i backed up and restarted everything several times with no luck then did it

            another time and it worked long enough for my producer to see the film but

            it eventually disappeared again.


            a solution would be really appreciated. it seems like this has been

            happening to the software for quite some time with no bug fix.... now that

            my cut has been locked and on its way to color I have some breathing room

            for a few weeks while i wait for audio which will prompt my need for

            screeners for investors.

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What is the version you installed? The brand new 2018.1.2 was becoming available as we were posting.


              There are some caption issues fixed, and other remaining as "known issues." I have not yet installed it.