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    Deploy Project on Other Location

    Nirav_Upadhyay Level 1

      In my project i have one simple XML and i am reading that XML in my project. Now if i am running this application from the location where i have created the project, its working fine.
      Now i want to put my whole project including each and every folders to another location and want to run my application but the XML is not loading properly.
      I have given the relative path to read the XML. If i am executing the project.html file of BIN folder from another location XML doesn't get loaded. Error message "Error: SecurityError, Error: #2148" is comming.

      Anybody have solution for this?

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          JKohn99 Level 1
          This is a recurring problem and there are lots of posts on this. Read the help on flash player security and crossdomain policy files.

          The flash player will only allow a swf file (your application) to access data from the same domain that it was served from.

          There are several solutions:
          1: Serve your application and data from the same domain.
          2: Use the BlazeDS proxy
          3: Deploy a crossdomain policy file on the server where the data comes from.