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    Adobe Launch & Session IDs

    eham06-2R6lso Level 1

      I desire to have Adobe Analytics capture visit/session information.  I want to be able to query and view activity based on visit/session.  Is there a way that Adobe Launch can pull visit/session info from a cookie and push it into Adobe Analytics?  If so, how do you accomplish this?


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          stewarts16448458 Level 4

          Visit and Visitor information is automatically captured when tags are sent to Adobe Analytics.  It's not a function of Launch as much as it is a function of the server side processing done by Adobe Analytics.


          Visits are defined by any number of hits from the same Visitor during a given timeframe (and terminated by 30 minutes of inactivity).

          A visitor is identified either by a cookie returned from the collection server when the first AA tag is sent or by the Adobe Experience Cloud Visitor ID Service (ecid).  That visitor id is sent in every AA tag call and is used to group together hits and visits.


          Does this help?

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            eham06-2R6lso Level 1

            Thanks for the information.  Allow me to clarify my question. Specifically, my team is looking to view specific data in Adobe Analytics based on the visit/session.  Let's assume on Jan 1, a web property has 100 unique visitors and 200 visits/sessions.  My team desires to analyze each of the 200 visits/sessions independently.  Adobe Analytics UI doesn't label visits/sessions.  Do you know of a way to label visits/sessions?  If every visit/session is labeled with an ID, how do I gain access to this data?


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              stewarts16448458 Level 4

              The most direct method would be to pull a clickstream level data feed of your existing data.

              Here's a jumping off point: The Data Feed Toolbox – Tools for crafting elegant big data solutions


              There isn't really a great way to mirror adobe's back-end sessionization from a client-side collection standpoint.


              I guess if you didn't care if your sessions lined up perfectly with adobe's you could create a session id, hold it in a cookie (or in sessionStorage) and include it in a prop or eVar on every beacon.  If you have an adobe mid, you could just add a timestamp to it at the start of a visit on a cookie that expires in 30 minutes.  With each hit you could add the same value and reset the cookie expiration.  This would get you pretty darn close (and maybe that's close enough for your immediate needs).

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                Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee

                To add on to the previous answer...


                Keep in mind Analytics variables have a limited number of unique values that can be passed into each variable. All variables outside of the given number of uniques are lumped into a low traffic container. I'm not super similar with this as its more of an Analytics specific concept. If you want to learn more I'm sure you could ask about it on the Adobe Analytics community.


                Also, just a reminder that were starting to dive outside the designed scope of Adobe's tools. Our tools are designed to look and action upon trends and groups of users rather than analyzing a single users exact path. Getting that granular can have privacy consequences as well depending on what your getting into. Just a few things to be aware of.

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