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    Menu button "clicked on"

      I'm waiting on 2 books I've ordered on Flash CS3 and Action Script but I have a deadline and I need to do the following:
      When a menu item is clicked, I want it to REMAIN a certain colour/
      Currently, when I define a button, I have the option to specify color for Off, Over, Click (I forget the exact terms) but I cannot specify a color for AFTER a button has been clicked.
      I tried to create a 2 frame movie above a button, which would overlay its color when clicked, but that prevented the button from being clicked.
      This is VERY BASIC stuff, surely, and I just need a pointer on how to implement this.
      Please respond - this forum doesn't seem to be very active.
      Thanks in advance,
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          clbeech Level 3
          Hello there :) basically what you need here is to construct MovieClip 'buttons' instead of using the Button class - Button class buttons are very basic and only meant to allow for quick production. However, Flash will recognize a MC that is being used as a button if you use the proper labels and assign a handler to the MC. By doing it this way, you will then be able to tell the MC to gotoAndStop('_down') on the 'down' state - which you cannot do with a Button class button. There is discussion and an example fla on this topic HERE