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    How to affect movie clips in other movie clips.

      Anyways... I've got these movie clips within another movie clip which work perfectly. They use simple action script to get things done.

      this.onRollOver = function(){

      this.onPress = function(){

      However I want to add something like this to tell the movie clip that they're inside of collectively to start something too.

      Something like:
      this.onRelease = function(){

      buttonsfull is the instance name of the movie clip they're all in collectively. How would I go by making this work so it actually does something. If I put the code in the movie clip which they're all in it overrides what I want them to do with the earlier code I showed you.
      Basically looking at the code each movie clip acts as a button. onRollOver they do a little animation with themselves in their own little timeline. onPress they do another little animation in the same area.
      Now I want to be able to access and mess with the timeline up one level (to the movie clip which holds all these buttons) with an onRelease thing. This timeline is one a movie clip with the instance name of buttonsfull.

      Help please. I used to know but forgot. Something that doesn't stop the current animation in the button either.