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    "Signing in to Adobe Business Catalyst..." Not ending

    Sedawk Level 1

      I accidentally selected "Upload to Adobe Catalyst" instead of "Publish to FTP Host" (the are right next to each other in the menu structure).


      A dialogue box that says "Signing in to Adobe Business Catalyst...." is up and I can't close it.  There is no cancel button and the box is not going away.  Who programmed this thing?   Do they know what a background thread is?  Have the ever head of a cancel button?  A time out?  Wow.  Its like it was programmed by a 14 year in computer camp.  


      I had to force quit after 15 min - did not see any other options.  Can they just remove this menu option in an update?

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey Sedawk,


          Sorry for the bad experience, I can understand how frustrating it could be if I stuck in any application on my Windows and no option other then force quitting.


          However, while your signing in dialogue box is stuck it seems there is some issue with your ID, maybe its not syncing well and this could be resolved  by signing out and back into it.


          We can still only apologies for the trouble and hope you don't get into this issue again.





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            Sedawk Level 1

            The sign in was a mistake.  I selected the wrong option.  This should not cause the application to freeze and lose all saved work.


            As for "we can only apologize for the trouble", no.  You can update the software to make it usable.   There are many ways to accomplish this.  Place a cancel button on the sign in dialogue box.  Have a timeout on the process that is attempting to sign in.    Make the sign in process occur on a background thread so it does not lock the application; this would allow someone to save progress.  All these options are basic programming design for a reasonable user experience.


            As it stands right now you have a huge programming error that causes this frustrating experience.  This is not an accident - it is by poor and careless programming design.  Please fix it.

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              ankushr40215001 Level 7

              Thank you for sharing the feedback, it will really help us to develop a seamless application.

              Will surely take this up.





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                Hey man I had this same issue, and I just have to say, this is a garbage issue to have. I have a project due in less than 5 hours, and now I don't even know how much of it I'm going to have to redo. I pay for this program, and this is not an issue anyone should be having to deal with.


                I'm going to have to agree with Sedawk on this one, "we can only apologize for the trouble" is an unacceptable response. Your apology is worthless. It does me no good, and it's definitely worth a lot less than the amount I pay for access to these programs every month.


                Booooo adobe, booooo.