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    Select tool as default in Acrobat Pro DC

    sherimartin Level 1

      I'm trying to make the select tool the default when Acrobat opens instead of the hand tool.


      I was running Acrobat DC fine with the select tool as the default on Windows 7. I just got a new computer with Windows 10 and now I'm having trouble. Same version of Acrobat, just a new operating system.


      I've tried almost everything mentioned in this thread: Making the selection tool default in Adobe Reader DC

      The one thing I couldn't try was the scrubbing tool, because I have Creative Cloud. I did uninstall and reinstall Acrobat. It didn't work. Then I tried the "Repair Installation" option in the Acrobat help menu. No effect.


      I've also tried editing the registry through regedit.exe but it's already showing the select tool as the default. And yet, whenever I open Acrobat, it's still on the hand tool. I tried changing it to "hand", to no effect, and back again, to no effect. Am I missing something? Is there a solution to this?


      Running Win10 Pro (v1803, OS build 17134.112) on a new Microsoft Surface Studio

      Acrobat Pro DC 2018.011.20055