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    Pdf of ad hyperlink not working for me but it is for my client! :(

    Joanna Moore Level 1

      Okay. So I get pdf ads in for my travel guide. Guide built in Indd and goes to both print and published online.

      I need to have these ads in to me with working hyperlinks that click through to web page of advertiser.

      We have a problem Houston which is that I have an ad that I can't click on url to go to web page and client can.

      Please don't say make my own link as sometimes this guide is 100+ pages with dozens and dozens of ads.

      My question is; how can the link be working for her and not me? It is also not working for 2 other designers and

      a marketing person. All but marketing person on a mac. Designers using Pro DC and pretty sure client (who can

      get web page to launch) and marketing person on acrobat reader. I have now lost hours to this issue. And client says

      problem at my end. Please help!