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    Storing quiz answers offline & multiple entry questions. Captivate 2017.



      This is my first time using Captivate 2017, so had a few questions before I hopefully use it for my project.

      I want to use it primarily as a replacement for a paper & pencil test.  I want to be able to store the users answers in an offline file so it can be reviewed by the candidates manager at a later stage.  From looking at the software, it only appears that I can get an instant score for the questions without the answers being saved offline.

      The test has to be offline as the test platforms are not allowed on the network or for internet use, therefore all results & corresponding candidate name will have to be saved in an offline file on the laptop.

      How can I do this?


      Secondly, I have some questions where there are multiple text entry answers.  Captivate doesn't have this type of question available.  Surely this can be done somehow.


      Please can someone help me with these 2 issues!


      Thanks in advance - I am reluctant to use paper & pens again for the test!