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    How do I use a captions-file as subtitles

    Mwarren Level 1

      I've finished work on an 07:23 scientific video. As a final step, I need to add subtitles to this video, so I farmed that out to Rev.com. They sent me back captions in SCC format. However, I can get neither of them to display as subtitles, try as I might. I have taken the following steps:


      I clicked on the wrench, opened up the Closed Caption display settings. Here's what it looks like:


      So I hit OK. Then I Enabled those settings. I plopped my caption onto the topmost layer and... nothing happens.


      I can double-click on the item and it brings up this editing window.

      Caption Settings.png

      Note my highlight. I can't change this value and I'm guessing it might play a role.


      Anyway, I'd appreciate any help you might have. I have run out of things to try.