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    Struggling to figure out how to set my custom screen up




      I have a client who requires a digital screen updating in store, and they have sent me through the following specs.


      Dimensions (W x H)

      768mm x 2784mm estimated

      Total Resolution

      256 (w) x 928 (h)

      LED Pitch/Screen Size

      3mm 2.138

      LED Type

      SMD, 2020 1R 1G 1B Per Dot

      Total Number of Pixels

      237,568 SMD tile size 192mm x 96mm

      Grey Scale

      16 Bit with Exclusive PWM drivers for better colour images

      Display Brightness

      0-1400 Mcd

      Display Power

      290 watts per Sq m Running, on start-up 850 per Sqm Max

      Screen Refresh Frequency


      Frame Update Frequency



      Can anyone advise me on how i should set my Premiere Pro cc document and the best settings to use. I require a mpg4 to output.


      Thank you to anyone who can help me.


      Only just started to use Premiere Pro so trying to still wrap my head around it all.


      Kind regards