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    Can a plug-in store their own information into the file and draw their non-materializing staff onto canvas?

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      I have few questions about Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop possibilities from a plug-in developer perspective. Plug-in inputs will be the vector paths made by the user and some plug-in specific information set for each node/path/layer. It will than generate different drawings based on these inputs.


      1) Can a plug-in store (and then reads) its specific information inside a file, like a plug-in specific information linked to a node, a path, a layer etc.?


      2)  Can a plug-in shows their own handles on canvas to set the plug-in specific information to a node etc.? For example, the plug-in specific information might be points placed around the node and the user is supposed to move that points. These points should be materialised as a plug-in specific information linked to the particular nodes.


      3) Can a plug-in draw/put something on the canvas without having that materialised into a file? For example, the plug-in wants to preview the generated drawings on the canvas.


      What are the right interface point for this task?