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    Soft proofing master/copy


      Hi - various questions to do with soft proofing on LR 6.14. What happens is this - I go to develop mode and turn on soft proofing. I click on 'create proof copy' followed by 'Y' to compare images. This gives me, on the left, an image called 'copy' with the filename followed by the name of the profile I have selected. On the right is 'proof preview'.  According to online sources, the left-hand image should be called 'master', without any profile name being displayed.


      One question is, is the left-hand image in fact the original file? When I return to Library view, both the original file and the virtual copy show up with identical filenames, except that if the virtual copy is selected then its chosen profile is shown in the bar beneath the Lightroom window. I had thought that LR was supposed to rename the virtual copy with the name of the chosen profile, but this doesn't seem to be happening.


      Any advice welcome, thanks.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm using Lightroom Classic CC. Whenever I create a soft proof copy and choose a profile the profile is always displayed following the filename as in filename/profile. This will be displayed if I'm displaying the file info on the image, and it will be displayed on the info line above the filmstrip. Since the virtual copy isn't actually a file on the computer, there isn't anywhere else that the name can be assigned.


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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            As I understand the process-

            Lightroom does not "Rename" the virtual copy. ( it never does).

            The proof profile is placed in the metadata field "Copy Name" and displayed as  Filename/CopyName  (eg. 12345.dng/sRGB Perceptual)


            As you edit the Proof copy, any snapshots you create will also indicate the 'Proof Profile'.


            The 'Y' comparison is showing only the one photo (the 'Proof' copy) in Before/After fashion to indicate your edits of the Proof copy. (Not a comparison of the Master and the Proof)

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              Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can verify what happens by looking in the Metadata panel in the Library module.

              The soft-proof name appears in the Copy Name field under the File Name.


              As the others explained, since a virtual copy doesn’t represent a real separate file, it can't have a filename, so the Copy Name field is used.


              When this information is shown in the overlay, it's because Copy Name has been included in the items set up for the overlay to display (View > View Options, Loupe View tab).

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                alexramsay1 Level 1

                Thank you, everyone - that's much clearer now