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    Premiere crashes when trying to play any file

    philipr63827413 Level 1


      I`ve run into a problem I cant solve and need some help. My Premiere randomly started crashing a few days ago. It happens when trying to play back any file including images. I had not updated the program or the computer, not that Im aware of at least. I open a file that I saved a day before and it opened but trying to play any video would crash it. I exported the open timeline without clicking anything and the export worked fine. I created a new project and imported different files and formats including images and the file I created just before. None of the files work. They are never displayed in the source or program monitors.

      I thought it could maybe be the Nvidia driver and tried the newest as well as versions from April, February and last year November and December. I also tried using older versions of Premiere but the problem appears every time. Later I deleted all the Media Cache files but that did not help either. I read about others whose Audio Hardware settings had changed from MME to ASIO but it only shows "MME" as an option on mine anyway. So I´m pretty lost now. Did I accidentally change something?

      Any help hugely appreciated!