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    Need Help With Dropped Frames In Premiere Pro Transition


      Huy guys, I could really use some help here.



      So Im currently using a Premiere Pro transition template... pretty simple stuff, take the selected transition sequence. Put it on top of your two clips. Cut the first clip and copy and paste it into the "shot 1" sequence, and the same with the second clip into "shot 2"





      HOWEVER, when I render and play it, right after the transition, my second clip drops around 12 frames and skips. I've tried everything to get it to work: dragging out the whole clip in the "shot 2" sequence, aligning up the frames manually which throws off the timing of the whole demo reel. I've checked to make sure the frame rate of all the sequences is the same... I'm just so, so stuck and out of ideas. Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated