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    •HELP•  3 things that all need to work with each other

      Here is my Project (on the Mac OSX)

      Buy Director 11
      Find and buy a Xtra that can do device control
      Find and buy a relay board ... think I found on @ controlanything.com
      The relay I found (from controlanything.com will work with my Mac)

      So I think at this point I just need an Xtra that has been tested to work with Director 11 (on the Mac OS 10.4) ???

        • 1. •HELP•  3 things that all need to work with each other
          Mouseclick Multimedia Level 1
          I use the DirectCommunicationXtra from Directxtras.com, have used it for over 20 projects and works great! I wouldn't know what it does on a Mac with D11, but you can try it out first. If you have a null-modem cable lying around and have 2 usb-to-serial adapters, you can easily check if it works without having a usb-board.

          As far as the relayboards go, check out http://www.arduino.cc/ . It's an open-source project which means you can completely control what to do and what to control. The boards can be assembled by hand or bought preassembled, and the software to program them is free!