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    I drag a video and doesn't start


      Hi everybody, my problem is that every video that i drag into the timeline does not start when i play it in the 'program' panel.

      I thought that maybe was the version, so i updated it, but still, nothing changes.

      Below is a print of it. The video upload apparently right, but when you want to play it, it doesn't run, so it's impossible to edit.

      Thank you all for your answers!!


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          Jeff Bugbee Adobe Community Professional

          Can you try switching to the Editing worksplace? Sometimes I notice having the Lumetri color panel up can bug out playback.

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            Sumeet Kumar Choubey Adobe Employee

            Hi jgg4049,


            The issue you have reported mostly occurs due to audio hardware configuration.

            You may try these steps. Open Pr, then go to edit> preferences > audio hardware.

            Set device class as MME and set the default input and output to the system default audio device

            The options for default input/output may look something like Speakers ( 2- High Definition Audio Device )


            If doing this still doesn’t resolve the issue, please provide us a screenshot of the audio hardware configuration window in Pr preferences and also a screenshot for the windows sound panel ( this can be opened by clicking on the settings button on the audio configuration window in Pr preferences )



            Sumeet Kumar Choubey