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    Audio drops out when playing Multicam clips in Source Monitor (Premiere 2017, Windows 10)

    benfth Level 1

      I am currently working on a project that uses many Multicam clips. For the majority of the project, I've been working off of a late 2013 iMac in an office, but lately have been taking the project home and working off my own PC.


      When at home, when I try to view the Multicam clips in the source monitor, the audio plays fine for a second or two and then cuts out. At first, I was concerned there was a slowdown in playback, but that does not seem to be the case. The video continues to play at speed, but the audio drops out. This did NOT happen on the Mac at the office.


      My system:

      CPU: Intel i7-8700K

      GPU: GeForce GTX 1070

      Motherboard: Aorus Z370 Gaming Wifi

      32 gigabytes RAM

      OS: Windows 10


      These are 4-camera Multicam sequences playing 3 MXF clips and 1 Quicktime .mov. Each clip has its own audio track, but regardless of which clip is selected in Multicam Source, the issue occurs.


      Again, this issue does not occur on a less-powerful Mac and doesn't seem to be a system overtax issue.


      Due to constraints imposed by the company I'm working for, I am stuck with Premiere 2017 for this job, but in testing it out on CC2018, the same thing happens. As these Multicam sequences are the main source of footage, this is a real pain and slows me down a lot.


      Any thoughts?