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    AS3 UILoader scaleContent woes

    RossRitchey Level 4
      Alright, so this is my first big project with AS3. I am creating a programmatic interface using the UILoader class. To test, I am loading a SWF from the previous interface (which was AS2, and I am recreating). So, I create a new UILoader, set its x,y,width, and height. Tell it to scaleContent and ignore the aspect ratio. The UILoader is 680x500 pixels, and the loaded SWF is 640x500 pixels. I want the loaded SWF to stretch horizontally to fill the space. Instead, what happens is the loaded SWF scales up to a very large size. When I watch for a complete and a resize on the UILoader to trace out its width, it traces the correct size(680) though the content is not displaying at that size.

      This is added to the display list of a Sprite.