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    Why is my character freezing/lagging in Streamlabs OBS?


      Hi, I've been working on incorporating an animated facecam into live streaming. However, I've hit a wall; my character is added to the SLOBS scene (on my PC) with the NDI Source option (from Ch on my laptop). Sometimes it functions perfectly (for ~5-10 min) and moves buttery smooth, but for the most part it is either freezing and unfreezing quickly or lagging. I'm hoping someone more computer-savvy will be able to tell me what's causing this and how I can fix it. Thanks!

      Additional Notes

      • Severity of freezing is the same when I'm streaming vs. when I'm not.
      • Character looks completely normal in Character Animator on my laptop, but not in SLOBS (freezing takes place on PC end).
      • Was able to move smoothly with different games in the background (Dead by Daylight, PUBG), yet could freeze when nothing but SLOBS was running.
      • Freezing is exacerbated by activating triggers.
      • Task Manager (PC: CPU 15%, GPU 15-35% with SLOBS and Firefox running, Laptop: CPU 60-70%, GPU around 40-50% with Ch and Firefox running).

      • *Apologies for the audio; my recording mic was a mile away, which is why I sound like I'm speaking into a can of beans, but the lip sync is fine (and by fine I mean not fine, but it's true to the freezing on my PC) because it uses my laptop mic.


      What I've Tried

      • Making puppet file size smaller (no impact).
      • Changing FPS from 60 to 30 (no impact, now on 30).
      • Hiding layers that use dangle physics (little if any impact).
      • Changing sync from Network to Internal (less lip sync lag but no impact on freezing, now back to Network).
      • Enabling/disabling hardware acceleration on NDI Source (can't tell if there's any impact, now on).
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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I had trouble with OBS as well, but also as a novice user. I ended up using a different package, but reading more afterwards it may be because I had the OBS frame rate set too high - my computer could not keep up. My laptop does not have a good GPU, but was lagging at 12 FPS.



          • Try a really low FPS in OBS (e.g. 6 FPS) just to see if it helps.
          • Try capturing a smaller window (part of the screen) instead of the full screen - especially if you have a higher resolution screen.
          • Try Flashback Express or XSplit Recorder which seem to do similar things
          • There is also Camtasia, but there is no free option for that


          As a complete guess, I have the feeling its something like contention getting data in/out of the GPU. I was not seeing 100% GPU usage either, but it was lagging for me. So it was not the compute power required, hence I was wondering if it was contention between Character Animator feeding stuff into the GPU and OBS trying to pull frames from the GPU. That would not show up as compute usage I suspect. But it was pure guesswork on my behalf.

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            Jenterbz Level 1

            Hi there, thanks for taking the time to make some suggestions, I really appreciate that! I tried lowering the FPS in SLOBS, however that didn't appear to be the cause of the lag. I thought that I had tried everything when I posted this, but your suggestions got me to go back into my settings.


            I seem to have solved the freezing issue by turning off rescaling in the Output tab (also worked when I turned off rescaling in the Video tab but allowed it in the Output tab), and the lag has gotten better now that I've disabled hardware acceleration.