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    Datagrid Combobox itemEditor dynamically created in AS

      I'm trying to create an inline cell editor for a datagrid that is dynamically created from metadata from an API call. Depending on the data type, I'm specifying itemEditors on the columns. I've been able to do this fine on all other data types I need, except for Comboboxes, as they have custom attributes that are specific to each column (the picklist values). These values are also loaded via an API call.

      My question is, since the dataType of dataGridColum.itemEditor is a ClassFactory, meaning I can't pass in an instance of a combobox (which makes sence since the grid reuses editors) how can I dynamically specify, using ActionScript code, what the possible values of the combobox are?

      Any suggestions are most appreciated. All examples I found were in MXML and statically populated. Thanks!