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    Colour difference between a computer and a phone (after export)




      I have been having this issue for a while now and you will probably be able to tell what I'm doing wrong.
      Once I'm done my editing, color-correction etc... , I export my video and put it on Youtube. The problem is that the color isn't quite the same between what I'm seeing on Premiere Pro (the sound is also not as loud on Youtube as it is on the Premiere Pro), but the most annoying part is that when I use the Youtube app on the my phone to look at the video, the color is something pretty different from what I'm seeing on my computer through Youtube (and also from what I'm seeing on Premiere Pro). For one of my videos, I even had a difference of colours between two different computers : a mac and a windows hp.


      I feel like I'm doing something wrong here, can someone help me on this?