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    CF Ajax - how to make a small form 'pop up' over the existing content

    happysailingdude Level 1
      hi. i have a standard html form with quite a few elements (selects, radio buttons, input fields, text areas etc)

      some users will need the ability to supply additional data but i only want the fields for this additional data to appear upon request (to keep the form clean looking for the majority of users)

      i want to make it when users click on an "add more detail" button then the screen goes 'greyed out' and a new form appears roughly 350px x 350px centred on their screens. ive seen this done quite a lot recently and was just about to google javascript tutorials to get started, then it occured to me i may be able to utilise cf8's ajax tags to achieve this (which would be handy as i really struggle with anything other than v basic javascript)

      my requirements are:

      1 button (or link) in my standard form that launches the 'more detail' form in a ?layer? over the top of the existing content
      2 when this happens the existing content is 'greyed out' preventing uses from interracting with it until they either complete this new form (or click the close button in that new form)
      3 this form is to contain 2 text inputs and a submit button
      4 i want to pass the data from this form back to the original form when it is submitted (temporarily storing the data in hidden fields within the original form) and will then ultimately pass this back to the server when the original form is submitted

      does anyone know if cfajax can help me with this (i dont need the asynchronous server interaction stuff ajax offers only the javascript to make my form pop up etc)

      if not does anyone know what this behaviour is commonly termed so i can google for it

      thanks very much indeed for any help