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    Acrobat Pro XI keeps changing to the wrong language.

    clydev81766031 Level 1

      After I install Acrobat XI Pro with the available multi-lingual installer, it changes to French even though I chose English during setup.

      I have followed the following steps:

      • Remove Acrobat using the acrobat cleaning tool.
      • Reboot machine
      • Reinstall Acrobat XI from the following link Download Acrobat XI, Acrobat X
      • choose English during setup.
      • reboot machine
      • I run Acrobat.
      • Prompts and dialogue are in French.
      • Change language settings to English in control panel.
      • Settings temporarily change to English until I quit the program
      • re-open acrobat. It is back in French.


      Please advise! Is there an English Only installer that I can use?