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    Verity Search Server Problem

    drdagwood Level 1
      Hello all,
      This is my first attempt to use Verity on my localhost and I've run into a problem trying to create a collection via the CF Administrator pages. Whenever I click on Data & Services > Verity Collections I see the following error:

      "Unable to retrieve collections from the Search Service. Please verify that the ColdFusion Search Server is installed and running."

      I've taken the following troubleshooting steps:
      - Checked to make sure Verity was installed

      - Stopped and started the ColdFusion 8 Search Server services

      - Ran the verity-install.bat again. When I did this I recieved the following error: OpenService Failed: Access is Denied

      I'm running Windows Visa Home Premium.

      Any thoughts on how I can get Verity working on my local machine would be most appreciated.