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    Missing video layers when rendering. PPro 12.1.2 build 69 in Win10-64.

    Gordon James McDowell Level 1

      Latest release as I write this.

      Was rendering with previous version of PPro.

      Updated to latest version. Edited a bit, everything seemed fine.

      BUT now renders (both via export and queue) missing many layers.

      I move thru timeline and preview looks fine. But you can see in Media Export same moment is lacking captions and a video layer.


      There's subtitle layers. Maybe that is unusual? The video and audio are all multi-cam sub-layers. This is a 4K sequence.


      It is a big project. This sequence is just one of hundreds. PC has 64 GB RAM. i7-3970x. GTX 1080 Ti, tried both ME render using GPU and without.



      Yes, yes, yes I'll submit a ticket. I just want to know if anyone in community has seen this and has a fast work-around.


      Edit: Adding video card, and me trying ME with and without GPU.