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    Free Bezier opacity Masking bug?


      Hello !


      (Sorry for my broken english)



      I'm working on a project of video with "infinite white background", everything was fine, until premiere pro cc2018 really start to annoy me.

      I have to use the opacity mask free bezier to select the character, once i have done that, i can put a white background behind him and play with the lumetri color to make him feat the background.
      The problem is that, everytime i does that, if i go to the next clip, 2 out of 3 time, i have to restart premiere pro or/and my computer ( thanks ssd technology thought) to being able to do it again on the next clip, cause it just wont let me do it.
      once one the next clip, i click on free bezier, it create a mask (if i click 3 times it create 3 masks, and sometime it's so buggy it doesn't even allow to delete them, i have to do it after restarting too) but doesnt change my cursor to the free bezier one. Be sure i select the right clip and everything, it's only when i restart that it works.



      If i click on the square or round mask, it appears in the middle, but i cant interact with it...


      If someone can help, it would be wonderful ! Anyway, if you read that, if wish you a good day!


      WIndows 10 official, asus laptop, I7 8th gen, 16ram, 512ssd, no gpu