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    Premiere Pro Export YouTube 1080p60fps Video

    roman24t Level 1

      I am trying to export a series of videos created on my desktop, using Premiere to merge and export them (3 in total for this example). Each is a compressed .MOV file, with a size of about 5MB. Total between the three is 15MB. The resolution is 1920x1080, the frame rate is 60fps, the audio sample rate is 48kHz. I am running windows 10 and Premiere Pro CC 2018.


      My goal: to export a reasonably sized .MOV file (<20MB), or some other YouTube-compatible format that supports my resolution and frame rate. I have created a sequence with the desired settings using the 'Custom' editing mode, see below (because for some reason there is no H.264 option) and imported each of my clips. However, when I go to File->Export Media, the default Output settings are 720x480 (NOT my sequence settings, and not what I want). Further, the options to change the video settings are greyed out! When I click "Match Sequence settings" I get the right resolution and frame rate, but the default setting is uncompressed video, and the exported video is several GB. There does not appear to be a way to change these compression settings, as once I click "Match Sequence Settings" everything, including the video quality, is greyed out. Does Premiere just not support this use case? Video compression seems like such a basic and important task. I know it is possible to export QuickTime files with the compression level I want because the videos I am importing have such compression. What am I missing?