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    Flash 8 or Flash 2004 - Quiz Random

      Hi all, I did my homework and tried to find similar questions in this forum, but could not find any answer to my problem....

      After having worked for weeks to develop a quiz on the template with 430 drag and drop questions (and 8 hot objects questions), I realize that choosing Quiz Options "RANDOMIZE" and "Questions to ask: 5" ruins the Quiz,
      I experience that some of the first questions may be right, but in the following some drag-instances are in wrong positions, probably instances from former questions covering the drag-and-drop-instances belonging to the new question.

      The quiz workes properly when not using this options. The problem is that its give no meaning to use many questions, but to provide them in fixed order :-(.

      Other options choosen: Version: Flash Player 8. Action Script 2.0. Compress Movie. HTML: Flash with Scorm 1.2 Tracking [though I do not need to incorporate the quiz in a LMS, but using Flash Only did not fix the problem)], Show Result Page.

      Does any one in here have some experience on fixing this problem?

      Best regards,