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    Can't edit because I already am??


      I have recently uninstalled Contrubute because I was getting "unknown errors in the file state manager." I have reinstalled it and it works fine on various pages but with one exception. When I try to edit this certain page I am told I cannot because it is currently being edited by me. Other user are also told they cannot edit it because I am currently editing it. How to I clear this so the page can be edited??

      Thank for your help.
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          You will have to check if there are any lck files left on the server (you can use a ftp program like filezilla). The files are called like this: name_of_page.htm.lck
          The lck (lock file) prevents other people from editing a page you are editing. If you had any drafts open when you uninstalled, or something went wrong while publishing a page, these lck files can still be left on your webserver.