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    What are the best export settings for high quality audio +

    Micropixie Level 1

      Hi all, I would like to export my project which is a preview of an album (49 minutes long) that I want to upload to Youtube for select people in the music industry to listen to.


      My visuals are pretty simple:

      • album cover, which remain constant
      • underneath that, the title of the song (these change a total of 14 times since there are 15 tracks on the album)


      The audio has to be the best quality possible.


      What should my export settings be? Right now the export file size is huge (over 400 MB).


      I'd like to know what dimensions the video should be. I've read that the ideal size for YouTube is 1920 x 1080. Is that correct?

      Video Bitrate?

      What should the audio settings be?

      Sample rate, bitrate, etc


      Thank you