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    PDF displays with white backgrounds, can't read text

    davidicus Level 1

      I have a 75 page PDF exported from Google Sheets. I want to view it in Acrobat Pro DC, but the background appears to be missing throughout, all white, so text is unreadable. Graphics from the Sheets source appear fine. I don't have access to the original Google Sheets document any more. I'm on Windows 10.


      The page below looks all white in Acrobat DC before Placing into InDesign. However, it displays fine in Chrome and Firefox. Creative Cloud indicates there is no Acrobat DC update available.


      Here's what a page looks like after being Placed into an InDesign document. I've cropped to reveal a dark blue Rectangle Frame I've added to the InDesign Master. I drew a green Frame on this page.

      Here's what it looks like in Acrobat Pro DC after exporting from InDesign to PDF.
      So, medium blue = Placed from Sheets, dark blue = InDesign Master Frame, green = InDesign page Frame.

      I'm pretty desperate to figure out what's going on here. At first I blamed the Sheets PDF, but now it looks like Acrobat DC is displaying things wrong.