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    Premiere Pro crashes / unknown error

    vkoulich Level 1

      Sharing interesting experience that hopefully may help out somebody some day.


      When rendering my project (about an hour long movie), Premiere started crashing persistently without any clue about what's happening (unhandled exception).

      After hours of troubleshooting, I was finally able to determine and eliminate the cause of the problem.


      1) To locate the problem, I used a "binary" dividing technique, i.e. using the workarea slider I rendered first the half of the project to determine the problematic half, Next I rendered the half of the problematic half again, to determine its problematic half (which makes a quarter of the whole project), and so on until I narrowed down the error to the individual clip causing the troubles,


      2) Here's the interesting part. On this clip among other effects, I had applied a Shadows/Highlights effect with 1 sec temporal look ahead. At some point I decided to reverse the clip (i.e. playing it backwards), and ... the Premiere Pro rendering started crashing. It couldn't handle this obviously because of the temporal look ahead! As soon as I turned the temporal feature off (0 sec) everything went smooth and Premiere Pro didn't crash again.


      So Premiere Pro didn't have any problems with using temporal detection on reversed clip during Editing or previewing the project's timeline while I was working with it, but it was crashing on rendering so I believe this is probably an Adobe Encoder problem, or maybe a flaw in the interoperability between the two. This may be something for the Adobe Engineers to look into on occasion.


      So my contribution here boils down to the following two things:

      1) Use "binary" division of your footage repeatedly to quickly narrow down and identify the spot causing the problem (it's very fast and efficient!)

      2) Using temporal detection on reversed clips will most likely fail in any effect (in such case render reversed footage first and use the result instead).


      I hope this could be helpful to someone.